XL Silicone Spray


  • 500ml Aerosol
  • High quality general purpose and antifriction spray
  • Wide use in all sectors of the community
  • Revives, protects and polishes
  • Upside down spray nozzle
  • NZFSA approved
  • Available in aerosol or bulk with applicator as required
Material Safety Data Sheets: 


Tyres; Dashboard; Plastic Bumpers; Vinyl Roofs; Rubber; Paint; Alloy Mage; Fibreglass; Rigging; Canvas; Wood; Zips; Locks; etc.Industrial Tools; Prevents Rust; Protects & Repels oils & adhesivesRelease Agent for: Moulds and Conveyor Belts; Food Processing; Tastless, Colourless, Clean & Non-Toxic.Printing & Industrial; Repels Inks, Oil, Water & Adhesives; Prevents binding of Plates & Blankets; Anti-friction for Guillotine Knives.Stability over wide temperature range, from -50 Degrees C to over 300 Degrees C.

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