XL Dry Lubricant Release Spray


  • 500ml Aerosol
  • Non-staining dry lubricant and release agent
  • Reduces friction
  • Mould release
  • Fan nozzle spray
  • 7% by volume PTFE
  • Contains no Silicone
  • NZFSA approved
Material Safety Data Sheets: 


A non-staining dry lubricant and release agent containing PTFE fluoropolymer which bonds to the surface producing a dry, chemically inert film with a very low friction coefficient. Inhibits retention of dust or dirt and repels oil and water. Will not build up residues. Suitable for use on food processing equipment, conveyor belts, sealing, forming and packaging equipment. Reduces friction on metals, wood, plastics, glass, machinery, conveyor belts, saw blades, shears, cutting tools, paper knives, lock, hinges, knitting machines, sliding parts and threaded connections.A mould release for plastics and elastomers. Does not interfere with post-finishing operations, yielding paintable surfaces. Coating adhesion may be increased by heating at 300 Degrees C for 5 minutes. At temperatures over 250 Degrees C, the coating gives off fumes. Ensure adequate ventilation is provided during heating.

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