Blaster GS Graphite Dry Lube


Graphite Dry Lube

Graphite Dry Lube spray forms a quick-drying film that provides long-wearing lubrication and protection from extreme pressures and temperatures (-100° F to 850° F). The high performance formula bonds to rubber, metal, wood and plastic. It lubricates and protects surfaces from extreme pressures and friction, and it reduces metal wear to extend equipment life.

Graphite Dry Lube is recommended as a general maintenance lubricant on gaskets, transfer belts & conveyor belts and as a general lubricant for high temperatures, low load, or high rpm slides, rollers, wheels, gears, chains and hoists.

Graphite Dry Lube can be used anywhere a dry lubricant is essential - at home in drawers, hinges, chains, sliding doors & windows, locks, outdoor power equipment, or automotive engines.

Industrial uses include plant machinery and handling equipment, winches, sprockets, die casting machines, and pre-assembly lubrication of moving parts.

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